Speech Therapy

Development Of Communication And Oral Skills

Pediatric Speech Therapy supports the development of communication and oral motor skills in children. Areas for concern include expressive and receptive language disorders, auditory processing disorder, weak social skills and feeding/swallowing difficulties. Our speech therapists utilize treatment techniques to improve a child’s ability to understand others, enhance language fluency, articulation and communication of their needs, as well as eating and swallowing safely. Strategies and techniques are shared with the parents so that the skills can continue to improve at home.


Receptive Language Skills

Receptive language skills refer to a child’s ability to process and understand language.

Expressive Language Skills

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Phonological Awareness

A phonological process disorder involves sound errors that occur in a pattern


Articulation disorders involve problems making sounds, such as leaving off, adding, or substituting certain sounds for others.

Oral Motor Development

Oral motor disorders are when a child has trouble controlling oral muscles, associated with talking or eating, and may have problems making certain sounds or chewing correctly.

Feeding & Swallowing Disorders

Our feeding therapists have a vast knowledge and experience of working with children who have feeding disorders, food aversions, texture transitions difficulties and tube feeding dependency.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Speech therapists will assess each child’s needs and abilities to help determine the best AAC for that individual.


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