Occupational Therapy

Growth And Development

Pediatric Occupational Therapy facilitates the growth and development of infants and children who are experiencing developmental delays, or difficulties performing various day-to-day activities. Occupational therapists address a wide variety of conditions including delays in visual motor, fine motor and sensory processing skills. By applying proper therapeutic techniques, improvements can be seen in areas such as learning, play, feeding, grooming, school readiness, self regulation and dressing.


Fine Motor Development

Fine motor development starts on day one and allows a baby to move their arms and hands advancing  on to swatting at objects and grasping a rattle.

Visual Motor Development

Problems in this area can go undetected until late preschool or early elementary school.

Handwriting Development

Difficulties with handwriting should be addressed as soon as detected to prevent further academic difficulties.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration refers to the way that the brain categorizes information from the environment.

Sensory Gym

Our state of the art sensory gym provides a safe, structured environment allowing your child to develop through guided sensory, motor and play exploration.


The Solo-Step track system helps patients with a wide variety of gross motor impairments.


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