Frequently Asked Questions

Who refers a child for an evaluation?

Many referrals come from pediatricians. Parents and other healthcare professionals can also refer children for an evaluation due to concerns or questions they may have related to the child’s development.


When should my child begin therapy?

Children benefit from therapy services early on when a delay or disability is detected but there is no limit to when a child can start therapy. The therapists at Handprints and Footsteps Pediatric Therapy possess the skills and expertise necessary to assist children of all ages.


Will my insurance cover the evaluation or therapy?

It is always best practice to call your insurance provider to further understand your benefits coverage. The following are a few questions you can ask:

  • Is Handprints and Footsteps Pediatric Therapy an in network provider for my plan?
  • If Handprints and Footsteps Pediatric Therapy is out of network with my plan, do I have out of network benefits coverage for therapy?
  • Do I have a deductible and or copay amount?
  • What number of visits do I have available for OT, PT and speech therapy?
  • Do I have combined service limitations?
  • Are there any limitations or exclusions in coverage under my plan for therapy?


Do you accept Medicaid as a secondary insurance?

Yes, we accept NC and SC Medicaid as both primary and secondary insurance.


How long does an evaluation take?

An evaluation takes approximately 1 hour for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.


How long are therapy sessions?

PT and OT sessions on average are an hour long. 55 minutes are spent working with the child which leaves the remainder of time to review the home program and discuss the session with the parent.

Speech therapy sessions last for 30 minutes. An additional 30 minute speech session can be paid for privately. Feeding therapy is 30 minutes as well..


Are therapy sessions individual or group sessions?

The majority of therapy sessions are individual. Some children may benefit from the social skills and peer interactions that a group session provides. This is determined on an individual basis.


Must I be present for my child’s therapy session?

Most of our parents remain in the waiting room during therapy and are briefed by the therapist for the last portion of the session. At that time the therapist reviews what has been covered and what can be worked on at home. Children tend to participate more or have a smoother transition between activities without their parents present. Parents can request to remain with their child during therapy.

A parent may leave the clinic while their child is in therapy. We ask that you make sure that all contact information is up to date and that you return in time to review the session with your child’s therapist. If a parent is late to pick up their child they will be charged a fee as this can negatively impact the therapists schedule and delay other children scheduled for therapy.


We look forward to supporting you and your child!

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