Sensory Gym

Development Through Sensory, Motor And Play Exploration

Our state of the art sensory gym provides a safe, structured environment allowing your child to develop through guided sensory, motor and play exploration. The gym provides a personalized experience to help your child learn appropriate responses to stimuli, while improving social interactions, fine and gross motor skills, as well as sensory regulation. Children with a wide range of disabilities can benefit from utilizing our sensory gym. Some of the disabilities include sensory processing disorder, Autism, ADHD, motor skill and cognitive impairments.

Our innovative sensory gym includes rock climbing walls, monkey bars, trapeze bar with various therapeutic swings, crash pads, zip lines and ladders.  A main feature of the gym is a two story castle play structure which provides stairs, a slide and an area for fine motor activities.

The sensory gym can improve core strength/postural stability, sensory processing and bilateral coordination skills through a series of fun and stimulating activities. Your child won’t realize they are working and improving their skills because they are having fun.

Core Strength/postural stability supports a child’s ability to communicate, sit, maintain focus and learn. If a child has weak core muscles they may have difficulty attending to learning tasks due to poor postural control. Decreased core strength also contributes to poor breath support which makes speech production difficult. Improvements in this area can be made by using various components of the sensory gym including the zip line, various swings, monkey bars and the slide.

When it comes to sensory regulation, some children require a large amount of stimulation while others are easily overstimulated. For those that are easily overstimulated, there is a quiet den under the castle structure. There a child can feel safe by controlling their sensory experience through the use of lights, sound effects, vibration and various tactile experiences. Children who are under-stimulated will benefit from the various swings, zip line, jump deck and rock walls the gym has to offer.

Bilateral coordination is the ability to coordinate the movement of both sides of your body to perform a task. This coordination indicates that both sides of the brain are communicating. We need bilateral coordination to be able to walk, run, climb stairs and play with toys. These coordination skills can be improved by completing activities in and around the castle of the sensory gym. Children will be eager to participate and parents will soon see improvements in their skills.


We look forward to supporting you and your child!

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